k a y c e e p h o t o

a b o u t m e

The story about the name "Kaycee" is a long one. Well, not so much long as it has a lot of history to it. It's an amalgamation of the initials "K" and "C", really. The parents who so amazingly came up with the name, figured it would be a cute name for their daughter.

....until a grandfather came by with a bat and ball and thought that he'd teach their adorable little "K.C." baseball. They wouldn't have anymore of that, and shelved the name, never expecting to hear it embraced so lovingly nearly three decades later.

"Self," I thought, "I need a good internet name. A name that stands out." Because, afterall, I like standing out. That's when I recall the story about my "name".

"Mom!" I went to her in such a flurry of activity. "I would like to use 'Kaycee' on the internet!" I expected shock and dismay. Afterall, that's such a tomboy name, right? ...however, I was honestly surprised, and very pleased, to hear her give her blessing.

Dad is terribly amused at the use of this name too.

But this all came about after I purchased my first digital SLR- a Sony a100. I intend to upgrade. I love the camera, and I'm definitely still learning. But someday, I hope to be able to be comfortable enough in my photography to be able to move up to a more professional camera. I've got a ton of gear, don't get me wrong. I'll probably stay with Sony, so I can change it all over, in fact.

But... I just need a little bit of a creative outlet. That's what this tiny little corner of the net is for. My outlet and my photography.

...oh. And I still ended up playing baseball. :)