k a y c e e p h o t o

u p d a t e s

I'm doing my best to catch up on photos I've fallen behind on. Most of my updates have been on my livejournal or on my deviant art account.
However, today, I've posted the four galleries that are my trip back from Austin. Some highlights were featured on my LJ, however, these four galleries contain almost 200 photos from the nearly seven hour trip that was taking rural highways from Austin to Dallas.

Happy New Year!
Today, some friends and I went to downtown to visit the Sky Lobby of the Chase Tower.
I hope you like the photos from our little trip.

What? An update?
I've been posting more to my blog lately, but I've got a full gallery up right now.
I had a little adventure learning that my camera does not operate right when it's below freezing. But please enjoy the photos.

I rearranged my site. Added a counter, too.
I also added a photoshoot from yesterday.

Updated the rest of the A-Kon photos. I hope you enjoy them. :)

Updated two days' worth of A-Kon photos. I still have a day left to post. Yaaay.
However, Saturday includes the cosplay, and Sunday includes the Sora no Kiseki photoshoot I was involved in.

About time I made another update.
Enjoy these little photos of historic markers. :)

There was a tornado outbreak early morning on 4/10/08.
After hiding in the bathroom, I was too awake to go back to bed. So I grabbed my camera and did my duty as a photographer.
Document! :D

kabaaam! webpage open!
Also. 1 gallery added.