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Photo Usage Policies

Tell you what. You want a photo from me? Let me know. I'll even give you higher res photos. Is there something in particular you want accented in it? Let me know. I'll do that too.

I'll do fulfill requests with photos, and email you a higher res photo to let you do what you want with it. Except for two things.

I don't want editing of these photos, no cropping from what I've done, and don't remove the watermark.

My watermarks will be on photos I've not posted in the galleries on here. You can see some examples on my livejournal. I do my best to keep them out of the way of the main photo. I'll even accept requests for where you want the watermark located.

See? I'm very easy going. I'll probably come down on people like a ton of bricks if you're using my photos without my permission, though. Please don't ruin the fun for everyone.

This also only applies to my cosplay photography. Historical markers, or other photography do not count. Please, don't try. I also really only want to see my photographs on reputable cosplay sites, like ACParadise, Cosplay Lab (remember that editing thing? I'll make you a trimmed down version for cosplaylab, specifically, if you want), and Cosplay.com.