About Sora no Kiseki

The Legend of Heroes is one of the primary series created by Nihon Falcom. Sora no Kiseki is the sixth game in this lengthy series. However, unlike the Ys games that are all action and gameplay, for the most part, the Legend of Heroes games are known for being strong, emotional storylines.

The predecessors include the celebrated Gagharv Trilogy. This much celebrated mini-series includes White Witch, Tear of Vermillion, and Cagesong of the Ocean. They all intertwine between each other and tell the tale of the Gagharv continent.

Moving away from Gagharv, we turn our focus onto Zemulia. In the southwest area of the Zemulia Continent, one will find the tiny Liberl Kingdom. A small monarchy that has managed to defy all odds against attempts to overcome them during war. Liberl is split into five regions: Rolent, Bose, Ruan, Zeiss, and Grancel. In the city of Rolent, Cassius Bright has raised two children by himself, Estelle and Joshua.

He taught them everything they know himself, and encourages them to sign up to become apprentices in the Bracers Guild. Soon after, however, he receives a letter and has to leave on business, leaving Estelle and Joshua to fend for themselves. While working, they receive notice one day that their father's airship has gone missing. With this in mind, the two gear themselves up, and set off to find the ship and save their father. Of course, from there, nothing is at all like it seems. Few things are ever what they first seem to be in Zemulia, in fact.

Sora no Kiseki is told over three games- First Chapter, Second Chapter, and the Third- and is celebrated as having one of the most expansive and involved storylines in any games produced by Nihon Falcom. The game itself is a tactical RPG, turning the AT system from Gagharv into a new beast entirely.

All three games have been released for PSP as well as PC. As such, companies have considered releasing the game to the US.... However the length of First Chapter's script, alone, has been so daunting that the project is never made official. FC contains a 5mb script, within it holding an incredible 50,000+ strings of text.

This translation project is an intense labor of love. However, all of us love these games, and want others who do not speak Japanese to see just why they're such an amazing story.